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Fun Winter Date Ideas

1.Sleigh ride

Snuggle up under a blanket and view the white cover trees with the snow glistening in the sun. As you embark on your journey.

2. Dogsledding

You thought snowmobiles where fast these dogs are born

to race and speed is where it is at. Hold on for a ride of a lifetime.

3. Winter houseback riding

Yes, houseback riding in the winter what a great way to see the snow covered terrain. In the deep woods of Maine, you are sure to see a creator or two.

4. February in Kennebunkport, Maine

“Paint the town red” decorated with red lights. Things to do ice bars, couples

paint together, love stories reading, snow strolls, and much, much more…

5. Winter snowshoeing, cross country skis, or a good pair of winter boots

Explore the winter wonderlands and be one with nature. Listen to the pines whispering, the cracking of the old oak trees, and the chickadee bird calling each other. Great places to experience this: Acadia National park Witch hole Loop, Camden Hills State Park, Forest City trail Portland Maine, and Pond Cove Trail: Roque Bluffs State Park Orland Maine

6. Skiing and tubbing

Do not forget the all-time winter activity, up on the ski lifts to the top of mountain and down, down, down, you go. Sugarloaf is the highest elevation and the biggest ski area. Oh yes, do not forget about the snowboarding.

7. Freeport shopping

Freeport Maine outlets over 67 stores to choose from.

Shop shop shop until you drop drop drop!

Coach Factory, J. Crew Factory, Lindt Chocolate,

Sea Bags, North Face, Yankee Candle Company

are some of my favorites.

8. Farm Markets

Farm Markets are all over the state of Maine is a really great way to experience farm fresh, Maine made crafts, and much much more. From farm fresh eggs, meat, cheese, to homemade soaps, skin care….

9. Bed and Breakfast stays

Winter time is the best time to get some deep discounts and stay at some cutest places. If you stay near the ocean you could experience the most breath-taking sea smoke displays. You can discover many small quite towns with some of the best home cooking.

10. Dinner and a Movie

Winter time top block buster hits come out, go enjoy seeing the stars on the big screen and have a nice dinner.

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